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    BFA Leveling 110-120

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    You might have heard that not long ago the seventh version of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth (BFA) was released. For this reason we have decided to gather together the useful tips and tactics that you may use while playing. That will be handy and would save your time as you won't need to look for the info on different resources. As the pre-match was launched, there's no need to complete Mage Tower challenges for all your characters anymore. You can prepare yourself for the real game instead!

    How long to level from 110 to 120?

    1. If we talk about the 110-120 leveling time in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, every leveling zone (that applies to both factions) takes approximately 2 and a half hours.
    2. If you have a desire to get 10% experience bonus, try to take the quest (but the War Mode should be on). That would work at least at the first days of launching where the chance to meet other faction's members is lower.
    3. If you Buy 110-120 Powerleveling Carry service on FatBossTV. Our professional team will finish order in 4 or 12 hours depending on the chosen boost time option.

    WoW BFA Power Leveling 110-120 guide:

    • This tip reminds the things you might have seen in Legion version. When you go through to the end of a zone, there will be the quests of the dungeon. We would advise you to stand in a queue for these quests. It would be beneficial for you later and would give you much experience. Probably, everybody knows that, but if you want to stand in a queue as less as possible, you should be signed up as a healer or a tank (if you don't have this class, you may ask your friend to play for it).
    • Most possibly, you'll achieve Battle for Azeroth's level cap (which is 120) before you complete the quests in all 3 locations. It's really important for you to get all those quests done and only then start completing the World Quests. Having done that, you'll get a large number of flight paths that will be quite useful for you (that’s because flying won’t work for some time).
    • The same as in other versions of WoW, during the process of bfa leveling, you'll be receiving lots of various items: blue, green and sometimes even epic ones. And if before players tended to sell them all, in Battle for Azeroth it has sense to keep them untouched. Later you'll be able to salvage the items, and then you'll be given materials as well as Expulsum (it's alike to Blood of Sargeras in Legion). Still, some players will be able to disenchant them.
    • When you achieve 116th level, the legendary items of Legion won't work. The same situation is with consumables of Legion that will become inefficient as well.
    • In this version you can fly or use a boat for your journeys. But you should be attentive here and watch the boat points on the map in case you want to go somewhere far, or a path for flying isn't there.
    • We also inform you that the quest Best in Show can be ignored (only for Alliance). It's really difficult and takes several tries to complete it.
    • According to the experience, we may claim that gamers have always found the new and often unintended ways and methods to level up during the launches of the new version. These include, for instance, tagging of the mobs, repeatable quests having bugs and NPCs which respawn one after other.
    • Those who want get bfa level 110 to 120 fast, can use the addons from Azeroth. That exponentially increases the speed of your character power leveling to 120 in WoW. But don't forget that if you choose this option and complete these quests, some of the other quests will be skipped by the addon.
    • Rare mobs do not give you any experience or items. You may also skip them.
    • You will get only resources from the treasure chests. In order to begin the first quest of War Campaign, your character should have level 100. After that you won't need getting more resources, but you may do it at character level 120.
    • Focus on the story quests in the zones. You won't be awarded with anything worthy in Tortollan quests, so there's some sense to skip them as well.

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