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    Black Temple Timewalking

    «Remember when wings, hooves, and horns were strange for Warcraft? Ahh, the good old days.» — Illidan Stormrage, World of Warcraft.
    Here you can buy Black Temple Timewalking Raid Run Boost at cheap price in World of Warcraft. Our team will assist you to complete Timewalking Black Temple within the shortest period possible in selfplay or piloted mode on EU.

    Buy Black Temple Timewalking Raid Boost


    Here you have a great opportunity to purchase Black Temple Timewalking Boost. The completion of this raid takes approximately 2 hours, and that's true if a team of good players is involved. Defeating Illidan isn't the simplest thing to do, so a team should have a few skillful tanks. Besides that, if you have a backup for the tank, it's better for you, so that you'll have a better chance to win the boss.

    Timewalking Black Temple Boost includes:

    1. Killing all 9 bosses during the Black Temple Timewalking raid.
    2. Obtaining the transmog items if a mode of personal loot is chosen.

    Black Temple Timewalking Guide

    • Stay away from shear and don't forget to keep active mitigation for it. If you get the damage from a shear spell in the moment you don't mitigate actively, your health will decrease by 60% for 7 seconds: that may kill a character.
    • Try to attack the boss from the back part while he uses flame crash. This will let close-in fighters to dps the boss and use the adds.
    • You should attack the Flame of Azzinoth near the blades. If you move the blades away, the boss will be enraged and you'll get killed. Also, stay away from the fires of the boss. Keep in mind that you should decide with your team which flame you'll kill firstly (before the start choose one and mark it).
    • Paladin tanks can use the blessing of spellwarding talent (or they can also use a divine shield). By the help of this, you'll be able to get rid of the terrible debuffs you get while the phase of demon forming (1 minute).
    • Sometimes on the fourth stage when Azzinoth flames are killed boss gets a frenzy buff. For removing that buff you should lead the boss to the trap located in the cage. Once the boss gets into the trap, Illidan will be stunned for about 20 seconds, and the damage he receives will increase by 105%.

    Requirements for Black Temple Timewalking Raid Carry

    • The maximal possible level of the character in Battle For Azeroth version is 120. (You may also be interested in a Leveling service).
    • There're no special requirements as for the gear. Nevertheless, those players who want to get a better armor can check our Gearing Service!
    • 2 Modes of this Black Temple Timewalking boost are offered. A piloted one and a selfplay mode.

    More info you should be aware of:

    • Our team uses only professional boosters. And for our clients' convenience a flexible schedule was implemented.
    • In majority of the cases you can get a livestream of your order. Ask one of our managers to receive further details.
    • Besides that, we can also offer taking screenshots while we're doing the boost. If you want to choose this option, just write to our manager.
    • Your character will get a great number of various resources, loot and things from this boost. We don't take any of them, so every item remains untouched. You can easily find it in the inventory, post or bank. If we need more space in your inventory, we'll ask you about moving this stuff. If you let us do it, then we'll transfer it till the end of the boosting.
    • Although in some cases a key binding changing is required, you may not worry about that. By the time the boost is finished, all keybingings will be returned to their previous positions.
    • We will need about 1 or 2 days to complete the boosting.
    • Firstly, we'd like to mention that we finish every order. The other thing is that some activities which require random in the game may last a little bit longer.
    • No third party soft or bots are used by us. Only experienced PvP and PvE teams are those who do the boosting.
    • A lot of things can influence the time of beginning of your boost. These are provider issues, lags and so on. If something like that happens, we can't do anything but wait. But we always try to finish your order as fast as we can. Appreciate your understanding.
    • If you've chosen a piloted mode, then we will ask your login and password. To access the account, we'll also require a verification code. Our team will never ask for additional stuff connected to your account: we care about our clients' safety.
    • You should also know that we use the VPN of your region and city.

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