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    Heroic Castle Nathria Raid Boost

    Here you can Buy Castle Nathria Heroic Boost Run and get gear of 213-220 ilvl. Up to 19 items per run. Select loot options, join to raid and get your loot tonight!
    We have 5 runs per day on both factions. Book a slot and start raid in the most comfortable for you time.
    Loot mode:

    Buy Heroic Castle Nathria Raid Loot Run Boost Service


    Hello! We are glad to see you on our website. Here we offer you to purchase the most affordable Castle Nathria Carry in Heroic mode at a cheap price. This WoW Shadowlands service is available for customers from EU, the United States, and Russia.

    Heroic Castle Nathria, the example of gothic architecture in the game, is the place in Revendreth where the raid goes. In Patch 9.0 of World of Warcraft Shadowlands that is the opening raid. Our team is willing to help you find out all the secrets that the ten bosses and the HC Castle Nathria keep.

    What will you get from Heroic Castle Nathria?

    • As there are 10 bosses in the raid, we can kill all of them or just some of them. While ordering, choose the required amount, and we’ll do the rest;
    • If you choose a Heroic mode and defeating of all 10 bosses, you’ll enrich your collection with an achievement Ahead of the Curve: Sire Denathrius;
    • HC Nathria carry will grant you items of 213 item level (however, the bosses 9 and 10 will give you 220 ilvl loot);
    • This service is available with a PLM (personal loot mode), or you may add several additional traders. It reminds an LFR mode very much meaning that there’s a good chance to receive the items from each boss;
    • The bad news is that the drop rate is fully random, so there’s no guarantee that you will receive a specific number of items;
    • Streaming of the boosting is possible and completely free (for account-sharing mode).

    Castle Nathria Heroic Raid Boost Requirements

    1. You should reach the level cap (60) in Shadowlands before you order the service. Our team also offers a Leveling option, so take a look if you need this;
    2. The character may have literally any gear. Also, if you want, you can get some cool gear from our Gearing option to ease the game;
    3. Heroic CN Carry is available in two modes: a selfplay and account-sharing modes;
    4. If you want to play the character yourself (in a selfplay), please, don’t forget to attack each boss during the raid. Otherwise, you won’t be able to obtain items. This, however, is simple and you need neither strategy nor extra items.

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