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    TBC Leveling 58-70

    Here you can buy Burning Crusade Leveling 58-70 boost or 60-70 and 0-70 in WoW TBC for your character and get it done in 72-128 hours. Service is available for 2 factions (Alliance and Horde) on PvE and PvP realms.
    Don't waste your time on routine farming. Buy Burning Crusade Classic Leveling Carry and skip the boring part of Outland.
    TBC Leveling mode:

    Why should you Buy TBC Leveling 58-70 Boosting?

    • Instant start - right after 5-25 minutes after purchasing;
    • Account protection - safety during carry is guaranteed;
    • Trusted service - we have over 838 reviews;

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