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    Glory of the Draenor Hero

    «Every Light has its shadow—every day has its night—and even the brightest candle can be snuffed out» — World of Warcraft, Arthas: Rise of the Lich King.
    Here you can buy Glory of the Draenor Hero Boost Service in World of Warcraft (WoW). Our team will assist you to finish this achievement within the shortest period possible in selfplay or piloted mode. Whole achievement list consist from 28 paragraphs that can be done just in Draenor Dungeons.
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    • Extremely easy. In some cases can be gained by chance. Good fighting skills are not required.
    • Simple. As a rule, doing 1 or 2 things is necessary. Players don't have to memorize that fights, although some tips telling what to do next may be helpful.
    • Middle difficulty. A short summary of the task may be needful. Can take about 1-2 attempts. Good fighting may be required.
    • Difficult. There may be 1 or more fails. Skillful fighting is a must.
    • Really difficult. There may be numerous fails. Generally a DPS or Gear check. Excellent knowledge of fights.

    The boss will summon Ragewing Whelps at two stages (when his HP is 70% and 40%) for helping him. At one time of the stage there will be only 10 mobs respectively. Don't kill them. In case you kill even 1 of them, you won't be able to receive the achievement. After that, when you see that the boss' HP is 40% and the number of mobs is 20, you can kill them all. Using time warp, bloodlust or heroism will surely help you to defeat them fast. Remember that their damage is high, so we advise you to get a DPS working as a tank — the one for the mobs, and the one for the boss. If you cannot do that, you'd better heal the tank better.

    • A Gift of Earth and Fire. It is rather complicated. Gog'duh summons two mobs that should stay alive in the first phase. The healers should be attentive regarding the debuffs of Calamity while DPS try to interrupt its Area of Effect.
    • Come With Me If You Want to Live. This is quite simple to do. After the Slave Watcher Crushto's death Croman was saved. So, he's probably the 1st boss to be killed. In case the player who is followed by Croman dies or disconnects from the game, Croman will disappear.
    • Draenor is on Fire. It's difficult to get. Here you should Pull Gug'rokk to the entrance. Try not to despawn him. He will start to summon the mobs and you should stan them (but do not kill), so that they cannot reach the furnaces.
    • Expert Timing. That's a tricky achievement. You'll see the 4 ogron at that location after Nok'gar. They will follow their routes. There'll be a several seconds' window during which you can finish this achievement. What is good is that this window will repeat over and over, so you'll be able to get this achievement completed.
    • They Burn, Burn, Burn. Make sure you keep Archmage Sol in the phase of fire. She should be in this phase until 5 fireblooms are dropped (but it's better if the number is 7 or 8). When you've coped with it, jump over the spawning waves of fire.

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