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    Glory of The Firelands Raider

    «No! NOO! I didn't betray the dragonflight, we were all betrayed! Ysera was lost in a dream while this whole world came undone!» — Alysrazor, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.
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    The Firelands is the territory that has been created by the titans to host Ragnaros and his caprisious minions on it. As Deathwing had emerged in the Azeroth, Ragnaros together with his servants had to surge onto hills of the Mount Hyjal. But there was one issue they had to face — the brave defenders of these sacred mountains who made Ragnaros come back. Now he is uniting with his proponents and is having only one aim — to defend the territories from the Azeroth champs. The Firelands are truly one of the worst places of these territories. The air in this severe place is harmful and poisonous. The only safe place the Firelands posesses is the islands of jagged rock. Nevertheless, even these ruthless landscapes are nothing compared to the fury of creatures who inhabit those places.

    • Shannox. These flamewakers are one of the most terrible guardians in the whole territories. And Shannox is among them. Shannox is the kennel owner of the hellish Ragnaros' hounds. He has two bloody beasts with which he patrols his kingdom with.
    • Lord Rhyolith. He takes the responsibility for the new elementals creating in the lands. He still remains angry and hates the titans who have relocated him. He thinks it's monumental arrogance form their side to do that.
    • Beth'tilac. The leader of the Cindeweb Brood, she and her offspring suck the resources from dead bodies. She has also made a network of webs within the limits of the lair to catch more prey for her broodlings.
    • Alysrazor. At time Ragnaros surged into Hyjal Mount, this green-colored dragon has betrayed the allies and helped in rescuing archdruid Fandral Staghelm. That's why she was rewarded: she was transformed into a strong fire hawk.
    • Baleroc. He got his reputation of a relentless fighter during the wars of Azeroth. Baleroc is now confined to the Firelands, his saneness decreased. There aren't many who can disturb him as everyone is afraid of him.
    • Majordomo Staghelm. He lost his son named Valstann during the War. This War has broken him morally. Ragnaros empowered him as Majordomo of the Firelands (and thus, having replaced the previous Majordomo Executus). Now Fandral Staghelm wants to destroy Azeroth as he can't live in the world where there's no son.
    • Firelord Ragnaros. Being the lord of these lands, he is the embodiment of the rage and destruction of the original hell which have created Azeroth. Ragnaros promised to set the city on fire with no help of Neptulon and Therazane. He wants the appeasement of the Ancient Gods and for that he burns the World Tree of Nordrassil.

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