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    Glory of the Legion Raider

    «Leave me. I must have time alone to think on our future» — Grand Magistrix Elisande, World of Warcraft: Legion.
    Here you can buy Glory of the Legion Raider Boost Service in World of Warcraft (WoW). Our team will assist you to finish this achievement within the shortest period possible in selfplay or piloted mode. Whole achievement list consist from 17 paragraphs that can be done just in Legion Raid.
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    Glory of the Legion Raider is one of the meta-achievements that consists of 26 other achievements. Players can get it if they finish the Emerald Nightmare raid and the Nighthold of Raid Entrances in Legion. As every achievement has its own difficulty and uniqueness, you’d better have a good and experienced team that can try to get all these achievements done. A part of these achievements are available only in the Nighthold. So, if you want to get this unique mount as fast as it’s possible, then our team may offer you that service.

    If I buy Glory of the Legion Raider carry service, what will I obtain?

    • The first and probably the most important part – the achievement Glory of the Legion Raider. (17 other achievements are included in it). Also, you’ll get more than 190 points of achievement.
    • A mount called Grove Defiler.
    • Artifact Power.
    • Defiled Reins item.
    • A few achievements with the help of which 2 raid dungeons can be completed.
    • Darkbough, Tormented Guardians, Betrayer’s Rise, Royal Athenaeum, Arcing Aqueducts, Rift of Aln and Nightspire are included in this list.
    • You’ll also have a possibility to become a Legendary.
    • If choose this service, you’ll be given a Leyfeather Hippogryph mount.

    If Glory of the Legion raider achievement is received, a player will be given a mount that he can ride — Grove Defiler. This dark-purple moose looks amazing drawing other players’ attention. It’ll be a cool expansion of your mount collection. What’s really useful in this mount is that it can be used both on ground and in the air. But remember that you’re not allowed to fly in Legion.

    Required for WoW Glory of the Legion Raider achievement?

    1. A character’s level required is at least 110.
    2. Although a small number, but still, you can get some achievements only in the 2nd raid called the Nighthold. It takes a lot of time and effort to do that, but if you need a small help (boost) in this raid, we are always happy to complete it for you.

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