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    Mechagnome Allied Race Unloсk

    «Whether the world's greatest gnats or the world's greatest heroes, you're still only mortal!» — World of Warcraft, Stormcaller Brundir.
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    This inventive class never stops developing themselves, and today mechagnomes don't look the way they have been before. Their limbs which used to be muscular now turned into mechanical ones. And although mechagnomes once wanted to become fully mechanized, eventually they managed to find a right balance between natural gifts and created ones. As they had been staying isolated within Mechagon for a long period of time, they were able to contribute the Alliance their thorough mastery and abilities. They desired to erect the steel metropolis called Mechagon, and for this reason mechagnomes had left Gnomeregan. Nevertheless, the King Mechagon who was a knowing ruler with lots of ambitions became an impregnable tyrant severely controlling his folk. You have a chance to defeat the king, so that mechagnomes would be able to become a part of the Alliance. Thus, if your character has 120th level or higher you can easily do it and purchase this boosting.

    Mechagnome classes:

    • Warlock. Unlike the majority of heroes who see death if they face the evil power, warlock see a possibility to win. With the help of dark magic they got power to dominate others. These greedy mages are also very tricky: while the battles they use minions to defend them. At the beginning of their way they usually serve imps, but along with the development of their knowledge, their army of dark essences increases as well. And together they are ready to harm everybody who goes against them.
    • Mage. Those who have been gifted with an intelligence and strict self-discipline have a chance to join the ranks of mages. Not everyone may use the arcane magic — the most outstanding and powerful one — only those who practice a lot can use it. In order to be able to cast all the time, they prefer cloth armor, but don't underestimate mages: the additional spell and arcane shields provide them with extra protection. Mages keep their enemies in the distance, that's why they use bursts of fire and can put on fire even the groups of their foes.
    • Rogue. Everything they are interested in is money. And for getting money these mercenaries can cross the borders of the norms by using cruel and effective strategies. The assassins knowing how to stay unseen and how to strike their enemies with a mortal blow to complete Mechagnomes racials as quick as possible.
    • Hunter. This class prefers battling with their enemies from the distance. They summon their pets that can protect them while they prepare their weapons for the further battle. The hunters can attack from both long and short ranges. However, they are also quite dexterous and that helps them to avoid the foes' attacks and control the combat location.
    • Monk. Long time ago when the mogu conquered the pandaren and it seemed that there would be no future, it was the monks who proved the opposite. Having no opportunity to have weapons, pandarens concentrated on using their chi power and studying how to fight without weapons. So, no wonder that by the moment of revolution they have already been trained, and thus, were ready to get rid of the yoke's influence.
    • Warrior. When the war is in active phase, everyone wants to stay prepared: that's why the heroes improve their combat mastery. Several things are combined in the class of warriors: might, excellence and deep understanding of features of weapons and armors to guarantee maximal damage in the battles. Their combat strategies vary a lot: some of them block the enemies using their shield affording an opportunity for their allies to attack from the distance. The other prefer to crush the foes themselves with mighty attacks that won't keep anyone alive.
    • Priest. The priests have chosen to serve people, and with all their faith prefer the spiritual the material one. During the tough war times they left their temples and shrines as they wanted to help their allies during the battles. And everyone agrees that the role of priest in battles is great and valuable.

    Mechagnomes abilities:

    1. Hyper Organic Light Originator. This used for distracting the attention of the enemies.
    2. Re-Arm. You'll be healed once your health bar approaches to the low point.
    3. Combat Analysis. You'll become more powerful while fighting the same foe.
    4. Skeleton Pinkie. With the help of it you'll be able to unlock the chests.
    5. Mastercraft. This gives crafting tools for professions.

    How to Unlock Mechagnomes Allied Race?

    • You need to get reputation level Exalted with the Rustbolt Resistance;
    • Get the achievement The Mechagonian Threat;
    • You also need to finish the storylines: “Machinations for Mechagon”, “The Legend of Mechagon”, “You Must be This Height”, “Send My Father a Message”, “My Father’s Armies”, “We Can Fix It”, “Drill Rig Construction”, “Prospectus Bay”, “To Mechagon!”, “A Quick Ear Hustle and several more.
    • In the next update those who have succeeded in things above will have a chance to see a new quest chain. By the help of this the mechagnomes will be recruited as an Allied race. After completing these quests a player gets the achievement. Thanks to this it'll be possible to create a new mechagnome. The players will also open the Mechagon Mechanostrider mount that can be used by all Alliance characters.

    Mechagnome Heritage Armor

    Once you level your mechagnome up from 20th to 120th level, you'll be given a set — Heritage Armor. That's a cool one that you can use in the Allied Race.

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