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    Mythic Eternal Palace Boost

    «Please! For you, I'm merely Azshara...such a handsome face! So strong, too...and with the mark of the Great One there as wel» — Queen Azshara, World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.
    Here you can buy WoW Mythic AEP Boost Service. You have a chance to get up to 22+ items per run. Don't forget to select bonus loot traders with similar kind of armor (or weapon) in additional options to increase chance on obtaining suitable items on your class and spec.
    Boost mode:
    Raid bosses:

    Buy Mythic Eternal Palace Boost Service


    Here you can get a slot for your character in the Mythic Eternal Palace raid difficulty. Win all bosses and get accomplishments and valuable rewards! Variant “Raid Traders” is optional, but if you need it, our team can provide you that. Traders are the players who have that very type of armor which you have as well, and they’ll easily pass you the items they got in the raid run if you want to. Azshara’s Eternal Palace Mythic Boost loot consists of items that are of 445 level.

    Mythic Eternal Palace bosses will be defeated:

    • Abyssal Commander Sivara – A master of fighting and magic due to whose effort Azshara's vanguard had numerous victories.
    • Radiance of Azshara - Azshara has turned into a storm and arcana elemental after she had used her maid in a role of a voluntary victim. Now the soul of a dedicated vassal powers her and this monster is the personification of Azshara's radiance.
    • Blackwater Behemoth – Having appeared from the unknown depths, the Blackwater Behemoth hides in the lightless abyss. The abyss is so frightful that even the naga doesn't risk getting into it. The only one who can tame the monster is Azshara, and she has taught it to keep her treasures safe till death.
    • Priscilla Ashvane always wanted to have power. And this wish of power was the thing to have led her to the Eternal Palace and has resulted in a gloomy agreement between her and Queen Azshara. But the benefit for Ashavane's loyalty is a way better than she had expected.
    • Orgozoa is the one who controls the hatchery of Azshara. And one day Azeroth will face everything that was prepared for it.
    • The Queen's Court - It has been 10000 years since the Queen's Court started to enforce Azshara's decisions. And today the strongest people are ready to serve the queen and to satisfy any word of hers.
    • Za'qul, Herald of Ny'alotha – The herald of the end of the world. After his word the rests of sanity are destroyed and there comes the preparation of the base for the future master of Azeroth.
    • Queen Azshara – She’s also the Nazjatar Empress. Her being is truly one of the strongest in Azeroth. She has planned her own game and now it’s time to disclose the cards.

    Rewards of Mythic AEP carry include:

        Standard method - this is the ideal decision for people who lack time to play. Instead of a player, everything will be done by boosters. For this special programs that provide account’s safeness are used. And while it works, you may spend your time with your relatives or doing your hobby.
        Selfplay method - this variant is for those who can't miss a chance to go in a raid and want to observe the process themselves. You'll be playing with professional players in one team and the unforgettable experience of the game and new skills are guaranteed. (The most recommended and safe variant).

    The Great Sundering took place and had swallowed huge lands. It happened because the Well of Eternity was weakened and ruined. If not the help of the Old Gods, Azshara and lots of her supporters would have been set in water in the appeared sea. A pact was signed and the Highborne were transformed into the serpentine naga — that was the price they had to pay for becoming their servants.

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