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    Queen Azshara kill

    «I've been most impressed by you, Illidan Stormrage! So very clever, so very powerful! Even our Lord Sargeras sees that or else why would he grant you such a precious gift? Such a shame to lose the beautiful amber eyes, though...I know it hurts much..» — Queen Azshara, World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.
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    Why is Queen Azshara kill boost useful?

    • If we talk about the raid, we should say that it’s quite difficult itself and that’s clear as it is the last boss. We are pretty sure that defeating this boss isn’t an easy thing for everyone coming. You should get rid not only of the raid itself, but you have to kill her too.
    • In addition to this, the situation may require your attention in real life or your team cannot finish the raid at the difficulty you would like to.
    • In case you choose this boost, all you need is to log in into your account having waited some time. You’ll see the titles and the progress that was received without your effort and time. Besides that, all the loot dropped is provided to your character through our loot system, and it’s free!
    • Thus, this service will let you get the quick and effective result without spending late nights trying to complete the raid.

    Obtaining Queen Azshara kill boost will influence your character: it’ll get respective titles and achievements from the major naga of World of Warcraft. Due to the personal loot, you’ll be able to receive armor and weapon dropped in the raid. The only thing to do is to choose the difficulty you want, and the rest is our work.

    Rewards for Queen Azshara kill

    1. Queen Aszhara killed in the difficulty you want;
    2. Corresponding achievements and titles.
    3. All the items that were dropped from the boss at the necessary difficulty. It works thanks to personal loot system;

    Requirements for Queen Azshara kill:

    1. For completion the order, your character has to be a 120 level (you may read about Powerleveling Boost Service if needed);
    2. Killing of Queen Aszhara takes time. Sometimes it may take a few days depending on difficulty;
    3. There’s a possibility to preorder the service.
    4. If you’ve chosen Piloted method, we need to know your information for account;
    5. Your personal information is never revealed to others;
    6. To protect your account, special VPN programs are used. We provide safeness;
    7. Boosters keep the clients’ information in secret;
    8. If you need to watch the process, we can easily stream it for you.

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