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    Self play leveling boost

    «Everybody always wanna take from us. Now we gonna start takin' back. Anybody who get in our way...gonna drown in their own blood! De Amani empire be back now...seekin' vengeance. And we gonna start...with you!» — World of Warcraft, Zul'Jin.
    Current service represents fast BFA power-leveling 110-120 without account share. As boosting method we use Freehold dungeon runs. 1 run usually takes around 4-5 minutes (~8-15 minutes to finish 1 level). You can be AFK meanwhile Selfplay leveling 110-120 boost, just be ready to re-enter Freehold after each run.

    Buy Self Play Leveling Boost on FatBossTV EU


    World of Warcraft Self play Leveling Boost. What is it?

    With the help of this powerleveling boost you will no longer need to repeat the content of the preceding expansions leading to the ongoing story. Now you can begin from literally any level and achieve the required heights very quickly. It all depends on you, up to the last 120th level! Simply define how much time you want to spend to level your character, purchase the boosting service and you're almost done! Interesting experience is waiting for you!

    What time does it take to do this Selfplay Leveling boost?

    • Including Heirloom items on level 120 — about 5 hours;
    • Including Heirloom items on level 120 — about 3 hours;

    A few points of buying Selfplay Leveling Boosting Service:

    Are you interested in reaching 120th level as quickly as it is possible? If it is so, you have a chance to play together with an experienced leveling booster who will show you a lot of new things in the game. You will be paired with a professional player having a lot of experience in WoW and leveling generally. He will guide you, and you will get to know a lot of new quite fast. In average, the whole boosting will require up to 12 hours. Nevertheless, the terms may be reduced. Buyers can easily choose the time of the boost that fits them best (for example, at night or in the early morning). All you have to do is to let us know about your preferences and needs, and your BfA leveling boost will be memorable!

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