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    Torghast, the Tower of the Damned

    To get access to higher Torghast Layer you need to finish previous ranks (for example, Layer 8 is available just if you have finished Rank 1-7). We can make 10% discount is you need multiple runs.
    Higher layers require completing of previous ranks. For example, to finish Layer 8 you need to finish 1-7 first.
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    Buy Torghast Tower Boost Service


    Being a new update in the Shadowlands expansion, Torghast Tower Boosting will surely attract the players’ attention. Torghast Tower will partly remind you of a classical WoW challenge in dungeons but with some changes. Generally, players can try this activity on their own, or complete it with a group of teammates (up to 5 people). And we should mention that the higher amount of players a group has, the more complex completing will be. The main point is to reach the maximum floor possible, but again the higher floor you attempt, the more complicated the process will be. As we know, for now, the amount of floors in the tower is endless. And due to the special system, all of them differ.

    The reason why Torghast Tower boosting service will interest the gamers is simple: this is a good way to get the necessary items to craft legendary gear. The higher you go, the better prize you get. Besides that, it is extremely difficult to complete some floors for some classes. That is why we offer you an easier way — to buy Torghast boost on our web-page. We offer the service for any class or level. Hurry up to book a carry! When the new expansion is out, and the tower is opened respectively, we will provide you with a completed service.

    WoW Torghast Tower Boost include:

    • Receiving all the prizes for completing the Torghast Tower;
    • Of course, you will also get the loot, gold, or resources received by the boosters during the process.

    What is special about Torghast Carry?

    • Both Horde and Alliance players can get this boost;
    • A piloted variant is possible too;
    • The amount of time needed to finish the carry differs depending on the piloted or selfplay mode you have chosen;
    • The service is offered in a fully manual mode. No bots or programs are used during the carry;
    • The players from such regions like the United States, Europe, and the Russian Federation can buy this boost.
    • There nothing to worry about when it comes to our boosters. We test all of them for some time, so only the most professional and trustworthy ones are in our team.
    • In order to protect your account and provide the safest boost, we use a VPN (that matches with your location);
    • If you need it, we can send you the screenshots during the Torghast boosting, or we can also stream it.
    • In addition to this, there is a possibility of buying extra services that are offered by us. Add some extra options and save money.

    Back in the day, the tower used to serve as a prison for the most vicious souls, the ones to enter the world of Shadows. But even today, when the edges of the two realms mixed, some well-known Azeroth heroes got in there. And now your main goal is to help them release. But nobody says it would be easy.

    Important to mention that comparing to the other eight Dungeons of this new SH expansion, this dungeon will be a way more challenging for the players. It is all due to the new system: every try you do to enter the dungeon, you will see a brand new structure of the floor. No matter play you with your friends in a team or try it independently, each time you will see a new dungeon: that what makes it complicated and interesting. As you go the higher floors the more severe your rivals will be. Needless to say, that in order to complete it, a player should do his best focusing on details and showing the best results he can. But this is greatly awarded. Rise higher and get better loot.

    Also, it is essential for players not to die in the dungeon, as each death costs a lot. You cannot predict your future plan as the dungeons change every time you enter them. And, as you understand, it is more than challenging.

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