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    Vicious War Basilisk

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    Here you can buy WoW Vicious War Basilisk BFA PvP mount with cheap price in World of Warcraft. Our team will assist you to farm Vicious War Basilisk mount within the shortest period possible in selfplay or piloted mode on EU.
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    Buy WoW Vicious War Basilisk Mount EU

    The Vicious War Basilisk is a war riverbeast mount in WoW. Gamers have an opportunity to receive it when their rating in Arena or RBG is more than 1400 (in Battle for Azeroth 3rd PVP Season). However, receiving this mount from Vicious Saddle and after the release of the third PvP season of BFA is impossible. In fact, in World of Warcraft there's a great number of mounts that can be received only within limited terms. And that's why mounts like this are rare and esteemed by the players. But you still may get this mount if you purchase the boost — don't hesitate as this is a special offer!

    We prefer using the most popular and fastest way to get the mount —to win in the Arena. No doubt that it takes less effort to find several group mates than to choose a good RBG team. That's why if you have little experience in PvP fights, we can help you in getting these achievements. In case you want to buy this boosting, things you'll get are as following:

    • Receiving rating of 1400 in 3rd Battle for Azeroth season;
    • The unique WoW mount called War Basilisk;
    • Every single item and loot gained by our booster during the process;
    • This mount can be used by both of the factions.
    • In order to complete the boosting we need approximately 2-4 sessions.
    • All our boosters from the team were tested for some time. As a result of this, only the greatest and skillful players stayed in our team.
    • We do not use any kinds of bots or software when we get to work on your order.
    • There's also an obligatory rule to use VPN of the country of the player. That ensures security to your account.
    • Those players who desire to watch the process how we boost may ask us to stream or provide screens. Just ask us!
    • We offer you two variants: a piloted mode and a selfplay.
    • Also, you may add some extra options to the boost (it will enable you to get a cheaper deal comparing to buying these options separately).
    • The ground speed depends on the riding skill. It's ranged from 60% to 100%.
    • When everything is completed, your character will receive a letter containing the new mount inside of it.

    Sadly, but players are not able to purchase this mount for game currency in WoW; the price of the mount is numerous and difficult battles. In order to get it, it's not sufficient simply have a try. Players should be aware of much other stuff: for instance, the tactics in the Arena fights, the knowledge about the class a gamer plays for and so on. This process is quite time-consuming. But there's also one more decision that is simpler and faster, and we can help you, because the mounts in the game are not only the way players transfer from one point to another, it's also kind of representation of the coolness of the player. But players having a desire to get a new PvP mount and wanting to make their game more interesting should meet some of the requirements for that.

    How to get Vicious War Basilisk mount?

    1. First thing to do is to get the Combatant PvP rank during the Season. That would be possible if your rank is 1400 or higher.
    2. Once it's done, you should win a lot of the following matches until the character's rank is 2400 points. Only now you're able to get this mount. One more thing to bear in mind is that there're different kinds of competition, so having a good rating in one of them not always means you'll succeed in the other ones.
    3. Different matches affect your bar of progress and number of matches you that need to be completed in an own way.
    4. Depending on a match, you'll be required a different number of victories (but remember that the final points are to be 2400).
    5. Fill you bar of progress to the end, and your character will get Vicious Saddle. It can be used for getting other mounts.

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