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    Vicious White Bonesteed

    «A valiant defense, but this city must be razed... I will fulfill Malygos' wishes myself! We finish this now, Champions of the Kirin Tor...» — Cyanigosa, World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.
    Here you can buy WoW Vicious White Bonesteed BFA PvP mount with cheap price in World of Warcraft. Our team will assist you to farm Vicious White Bonesteed mount within the shortest period possible in selfplay or piloted mode on EU.
    Boost mode:

    Buy Vicious White Bonesteed Mount on FatBossTV EU


    Vicious White Bonesteed — stands for the name of the mount which players may receive if they achieve 1400 rating points and fill out the bar of progress that can be found in the PvP tab (approximately 100 victories) in Arena or RBG in the 4th Battle for Azeroth PvP season. Traditionally, PvP mounts are connected to some factions; for example, Vicious White Bonesteed is available for Horde players only.

    Those who are going to purchase this mount boost on this website may be sure that they will get it quite fast. Our players will get this mount for you from the Arena due to the fact that it takes less time and is less complicated comparing to the RBG. One more point in favor of the Arena is that it is simpler to find several teammates than a skillful team for RBG. In case you haven't got experience with the Arena, you may earn some achievements. In order to offer you one more safe game option, we decided to add a selfplay mode to this boosting service.

    Vicious White Bonesteed Mount boost rewards:

    • The mount called Vicious White Bonesteed;
    • About one hundred arena victories;
    • Your Arena rating will become 1400 in this BfA 4th Season;
    • Getting all of the items received during the boost by our players like loot, game currencies etc;
    • Points of Honor and a lot of Azerite.

    Several reasons to know about WoW Vicious White Bonesteed mount:

    1. The mount Vicious White Bonesteed can be used only by Horde players.
    2. We test all our boosters for a long time before they start executing the orders. Thus, only the most skillful and reliable players are chosen.
    3. No programs or bots are used by our boosters to execute the service quicker.
    4. In order to protect your account, VPN that coincides with your country is used by us.
    5. If it is necessary, you can always ask us to do streaming or screenshots while we are doing the boosting.
    6. This Vicious White Bonesteed boosting service is provided for the U.S., Europe and Oceania regions.

    Vicious White Bonesteed Mount Boost Requirements:

    • The level of your character must be 120.
    • Apprentice Riding skill (75-150).
    • All the info that we need is login and password. No secret or additional questions are asked! (for account sharing mode).
    • Also, you will need to turn off the authenticator, so that we can access the account.

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