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    2v2 Arena coaching

    Coaching 2v2 includes ranked arena matches with Rank 1 Gladiator or tournament player. During session booster will answer on your questions, teach you game mechanics, positioning, interface, macroses and etc.
    Current service will be the best choice if you're interested in learning your class in PvP. Also it's great opportunity to obtain up to 1100 rating (if your current rating is 0) and up to 460 rating (if your current rating is 1800+) per 1 hour.

    Buy Arena Coaching 2v2 on FatBossTV US


    Arena 2v2 PvP coaching is the good choice for those players who only start their battling career. This may also be a useful source of knowledge for more experienced players as they will improve their skills and learn from real pro players in this Arena 2v2 coaching service. We state that ranked battles will seem simpler for you. Don't believe it? Try this coaching and make sure yourself during your first game session.

    When you purchase this 2v2 Arena Coaching you will receive:

    • The session takes 1 hour once you have queued for the battle.
    • Those players who want to get a longer coaching session may buy 2-3 hour session and receive a 10% off.
    • We include a support of the player starting from Rank 1 duelist, and usual 2s battles.
    • During the session players will get to know a lot about the game secrets, talents and various class abilities.
    • Low-experienced players or those who do not have cool partners have an opportunity to get this Arena 2v2 PvP coaching and get points from it.

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