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    Covenant Renown Rank Carry

    Buy Covenant Renown Farm Boost and get up to 40 renown level. Select required rank and book an order to start.
    Available on Alliance and Horde factions. Safe, cheap and fast service.
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    Buy Covenant Renown Rank Level Carry


    Renown is a special development system used for a Covenant — it calculates and affects your reputation with a Covenant you joined. It not only improves the trust with your group and makes your link with Soulbinds better; it also increases your reputation repairing the Sanctum. The system will become more developed the more you play WoW Shadowlands: this is the primary distinction from APs (Azerite and Artifact Powers) in the preceding versions of the game. Also, we should mention that the developers have set a restriction on the Renown amount players can get for 7 days.

    The peculiarities of Covenant Renown Boost

    • With this boost, the ilvl of the loot you get from World Quests will be higher;
    • A Soulbind character gets a better powerline;
    • You are given legendary recipes, you can use them in Torghast, just give it to the runecrafter;
    • The maximal potential lvl of Sanctum features will be bigger;
    • Receiving cool items in a Covenant style, which will change the look of your character. For example, the list has got mounts, transmog gear, animals, or titles.
    • Note that during completing the 1st quests, you will be told to put some Anima to your Sanctum;
    • Also, when completing the tasks during the 2nd week, it’ll be required to release the souls, which will be in the Jailer’s possession.

    Similar to the previous reputation systems like Friendship with Tillers (that was the Mists of Pandaria expansion), Bodyguard reputation, or Fisherfriend of the Isles (available in World of Warcraft WoD and Legion), this Renown system also takes its place in the Shadowlands game. This one will be accessible when the gamers reach 60th level and enter the Covenant group they would like to.

    Farming Covenant Renown Rank Level Carry in details

    • Take part in quests (the ones occurring once a week) to collect the required number of Anima, and then put it to the Sanctum.
    • After completing every chapter of the Covenant Campaign, you will be awarded an appropriate level of Renown.
    • You can also get Renown by completing a task where you will need to save Lost Souls in the Maw.
    • Or one more option is to finish two weekly quests from the Sanctum.

    Covenant Renown Rank Leveling Requirements

    What quests are required to get Shadowlands Covenant Renown Rank Level Boosting Service in World of Warcraft? There are 4 of them:

    1. Returning the Souls that are lost;
    2. Putting enough Anima to the Sanctum;
    3. Saving fifteen souls in the Torghast;
    4. Adding Anima to the Reservoir.

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