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    Mage Tower Challenge

    Buy Mage Tower Carry to unlock unique appearances on your character. Service is available with a 10% discount on 7 challenges.
    World of Warcraft Mage Tower Challenge Boost is available just during Legion Timewalking event since patch SL 9.1.5. Usually we’re ready to start orders in 5-60 minutes after booking.
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    Buy WoW Mage Tower Boost Challenge Service


    Why should you Buy Mage Tower Boost in Shadowlands?

    • Limited time offer;
    • 100% guarantee challenge completion;
    • 10-50+ achievement points;
    • 1Up to 10% cheaper price (depends on the options);

    Why should you pay for Mage Tower Challenge Carry?

    1. 100% guaranteed result to receive MT transmog;
    2. Our team will guide you through 1-7 challenges;
    3. Possibility to get rewards in Shadowlands further expansion;

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