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    Glory of the Thundering Raider

    «Let thunder be my herald, so that my power is felt throughout the land.» — Lei Shen, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.
    Here you can buy Glory of the Thundering Raider Carry Service in World of Warcraft (WoW). Our team will assist you to finish this achievement within the shortest period possible in selfplay or piloted mode. Whole achievement list consist from 23 paragraphs that can be done just in Throne of Thunder Raid.
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    Thousands of years ago, at times when Kalimdor was divided into parts, a new continent occurred, and it was the fog that covered the territories and kept it hidden from discovering by outsiders. In addition to hiding the kingdom, the mists also concealed a recollection about the past evil: Lei Shen's Throne of Thunder. When he was a ruler, this fortress used to be a center of the Thunder King's authority. Even after his dying, the swathes of corrupted energy remained there, and these days, the revived King and his Zandalari trolls will try to use that energy in order to establish the Lei Shen's power again. Now, you'll have a chance to overthrow the evil Mogu as well as receive some achievements while doing that!

    • Receiving this achievement isn't difficult, but you may find it quite disappointing. You'll need 2 lightning orbs to clash each other during this action. A random player in a team will be targeted and followed by the Focused Lightning. It will be increasing its speed until it hits a player or clash with the other orb. Probably, the simplest way we've found is to find a mount with 3 seats and have a few people who can get on it. Players will run in a circle in the room. After that, 2 players on the mount will get targeted by the lighting orb. As a result, 2 orbs will go to the same place immediately and these orbs clash each other. You'll need to be patient and focused if you want to do it. Killing Jin'rokh isn't necessary for getting this achievement.
    • After that, you'll need to pass 3 separate light stages. 2 Players will be targeted by the rays throughout the light stages. Due to the help of these rays, the crimson and azure fogs will become seeable. But there also may appear any of the 3 fogs required for the achievement if two targeted players step in one appropriate spot. You will see some smoke puffs that will appear in the room. They will have red, blue and white colors. The red ones create the crimson fogs, the blue puffs — azure fogs while the white one creates one of the 3 other fogs.
    • As you'll see only one white puff, you should put a marker on it. Players who are targeted with the blue and red light rays have to stand on the white puff — it will spawn the fogs. But remember that the fog which has been opened won't be repeated in any of the light stages (at least it happened so in our case). Neither fogs nor Durumu are to be killed in order to receive this achievement, so you may not do it.

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