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    Mythic+10 Dungeons Boost

    Here you can Buy Mythic+ Dungeons in Shadowlands and get up to 2 items per run. Safe, cheap and fast service. Usually we're ready to start during 5-60 minutes after order.
    Mythic+ Dungeon that was finished within timer brings 2 items on group instead of 1 item (if dungeon was finished without timer). We recommend to use “In timer” option.
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    Buy Mythic+10 Dungeons Carry


    What is WoW Mythic+10 Dungeon?

    That's a new content mode which allows players to test themselves and try completing challenging tasks in the 5-player dungeons. In this mode players can compete against the clock (that somehow reminds the Challenge modes), but the focus in this mode has been put on the execution of the task instead of the speed of execution.

    • Apart from the raiding, this is the best way to get high-level epic gear items comparing to other available sources for doing that;
    • These Mythic dungeons also have levels. And the bigger level the higher difficulty it has. For example, level 3 is harder to complete than level 2, and easier than level 4;
    • Together with the level of the location, the damage of the mobs and their health bars increase respectively;
    • You can get higher ilvl items in those dungeons that have a bigger level;
    • You may also face such feature of the dungeons as an "affix" at some levels of difficulty. If it was changed, then completing of the dungeon will become more difficult for players;
    • One more nice feature. According to your player's performance in the last week in the dungeon, you may get a guaranteed loot item weekly;
    • Every Battle for Azeroth dungeon can be completed on Mythic difficulty;

    Buy Mythic+ plus 10 Dungeons Boost on FatBossTV

    When the Run has started, Challenger's Burden affects every player there. Every time one of the players dies, 5 secs are removed from the timer (that's kind of penalty). This debuff that is called Challenger's Burden makes players try a strategy when they sneak by a long line of mobs in order to die and resurrect at a safe place beyond them — that's quite useful. It also represents the party's abilities regarding this level. If players die accidentally very often, their timer's time will expire much quicker even before they complete the dungeon. In this case, it'd be better either to return with better armor or change their strategy, in order to be able to complete the dungeon.

    BFA Mythic +10 dungeon carry start

    • Those who want to start this Mythic +10 Run should be aware of the fact that at least one player from the party must possess a keystone. It's possible to get this keystone from the last boss, or to win it from a Weekly Challenger's Chest;
    • Take a look at the dungeon's difficulty before you go into it;
    • You'll see the object A Font of Power there;
    • Put the Keystone into the socket (just in the mid of the window);
    • Wait a little. The information will be updated, and you'll see additional things about the location;
    • Then you should click the button of activation in the lower part of the window;
    • Next thing you see will be a screen of loading with a green wall and a 10-second counter. When the time is up, the wall will disappear and the next timer will start its count;
    • Endless number of runs can be executed by you. But a player from your team must have a key (one or more) for that;
    • The Challenger's Cache will be awarded with the loot as far as you complete the tasks. It will also be dependent on the time taken for completing the dungeon and its level;
    • You will get the loot even if you have completed this dungeon or level before;
    • Mythic +10 dungeon doesn't share a lockout with other locations. Don't mix it up as these are different systems;
    • You may also complete every zone within one week and still get the loot;
    • During this process, Combat Resurrections are available and shared among all party members;
    • Similar to raids, the ability of every player to resurrect has got an equal cooldown timer and the same charges' number;
    • If a player uses a resurrection, the charges will be expended. But other players can cancel the Combat Resurrection with no charge;
    • The party will start completing the dungeon having only 1 charge. Every ten minutes one charge will be added. And the maximal number of charges is 5.

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