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    Here you can Buy Mythic+ Dungeons in Dragonflight and get up to 2 items per run. Safe, cheap and fast service. Usually we're ready to start during 5-60 minutes after order.
    Purchase a service with a loot trader options to bring more chances on loot of 392-411+ ilvl! Our team trades all the items on your character that is possible to trade.
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    What is Dragonflight Mythic+ Dungeons?

    • In World of Warcraft game Mythic Dungeons are the certain activities created for five players. A team of players that usually consists of a healer, a tank and 3 other characters that can damage, go into a dungeon where following the map they can do different tasks. There are a lot of various bosses and enemies which are called “trash" in the dungeon. When every of the bosses is killed, the dungeon is meant to be completed;
    • In this meaning the word "Mythic" stands for the dungeon's level of difficulty. Generally, levels include Normal, Heroic and Mythic levels of difficulty. In the Normal and Heroic levels the groups for executing the task are created randomly and quite fast. In contrast to them, at Mythic difficulty players must find and make up the groups on their own;
    • Actually, the dungeons have always been included into the game, so Mythic difficulty isn't an invention in this regard. But a new feature — "the Plus" that developers have added into the WoW's 6th expansion called Legion made a game and dungeons even more fascinating;
    • When the players had completed their first WoW dungeon, they get a keystone weekly. It has got a number on it (e.g. +4, +5) and is required for entering the certain dungeon. After that, players can find a group and start a journey into the dungeon the number of which they have on the Keystone;
    • When the 5 players get into the dungeon, they should come up to the podium and put their Keystone in it. Once it's done, the dungeon will start changing. After that, they will be returned to the dungeon and they will see a timer that counts down. When the time approaches to 0, the pathway will be unlocked, and they will able to start;
    • Next thing they see is the firing of the starter pistol after which they can perform the task as usual. But you should remember that the difficulty of the dungeon increases with its number. The aim of the players is to finish the dungeon before the time expires (reminds WoW speedrunning);
    • One important peculiarity. If the dungeon is completed in time, the players will get the loot and the level of their Keystone will be increased. In case they had troubles with time and they couldn't finish it in time, their keystone would die;
    • There may be endless difficulty levels of these dungeons, but players in the tournaments will be asked to try up to +23 levels;

    Buy WoW Mythic + plus Dungeons carry on FatBossTV

    There are lots of various nuances which affect the time of completing the dungeon. Starting from the formation of the team; choosing the right pathway inside the dungeon or defining the mobs that are going to be killed during the run. These variations are numerous: even using of spells in the final stage has a great impact on the result, so things should be considered thoroughly. But what really defines whether the team is good or not is the way they deal with the Affixes.

    Within the period of first 2 weeks every player that has a desire can take part in it. The required things include having a 5-player team and five completed Mythic dungeons of level 23 (over the qualification period — 2 weeks). After that the teams that meet these conditions will enter the stage of Time Trials. It's not really detailed right now, but developers want to make the most of it, so only the strongest players will compete in the end.

    Mythic+ dungeon affixes:

    • Due to the Raging, additional mobs can damage double time, because they are on the verge of death. That's why players' attention should be paid to the certain enemies one after one instead of the area damaging;
    • During the fight there will be some burning explosions on the ground produced by Volcanic. They are used for disrupting the casting speed of the players;
    • Thanks to Tyrannical affix the bosses have an increased HP and can attack with more power. As a rule, bosses are the simplest part of the Mythic+ dungeons. It is so, because players can create a strategy beforehand and use cooldowns to defeat them really fast. When the bosses are made harder, the traditional flow of the fight changes a little bit as players should come up with the new tactics for killing them;
    • Because of Teeming a bigger number of extra trash mobs is spawned inside the dungeon. For this reason, the tanks who have already had experience of similar fight should also change their strategy. And the bigger number of enemies is reflected in higher damage;
    • Explosive affix is responsible for appearing fire balls during the fight. If players don't eliminate the balls, they will burst up in some time. It means that the damage for the players increases, thus, some of the players may get killed at higher levels. In order to compensate this situation, players who damage should focus on eliminating the bombs instead of the dungeon enemies;
    • Fortified is the contrary to the Tyrannical affix. Additional mobs get more HP and can provide more harm. This affix is quite difficult for all the players in a team. The majority of the other Affixes is focused on the additional enemies, instead of the bosses. That means that players may get Fortified and Teeming affixes in just 1 week. Due to this, the level of difficulty in the dungeon in increased not only for one fighting, but also for every separate encounter.

    Mythic+ Plus Dungeons Loot Run Terms and Conditions

    • We guarantee safety of your account or character during service.
    • Our team can use higher keystones for some Mythic+ Boosts (but not lower ones). For example, you have decided to Buy Mythic+18 key, but at the moment we have just 19 keystone. In this case we can run 19 key with you (as bonus, instead of 18) or deplete it to 18. Current decision is on our side. We don't select “lucky customers” and this situation can happen with any M+ order. It depends just on keystones we have right at that moment.
    • Loot trader (additional option) — is a person with similar kind of armor (cloth / leather / mail / plate) and decent total (not each slot) item level of character (for M+10 - 110+ ilvl, for M+15 and higher keys - 120+ ilvl) which will be added to group for your M+ run with 1 main task — trade gear he gets to you.
    • You can add custom loot traders like trinket/weapon traders to your Mythic+ Boost, but you should let us know about it in live chat. If you won't do it — we will add loot trader with similar kind of armor (cloth / leather / mail / plate) as your class.
    • Each trader has 20% chance to get suitable for your class item (not specific item) from Mythic+ chest in the end of dungeon (but not more than 3 and not less than 2 for whole group per 1 dungeon).
    • We will share all the gear (armor/weapons/rings/trinkets and corrupted/forged/titanforged items, but not mounts) on your character's spec which is possible to trade to you even if you haven't added any options for your Mythic+ Boost, so it's free and you don't need to pay extra.
    • It's not possible to trade an item with higher ilvl than trader's current. For example, our teammate has 115 ilvl wrists, but he received 120 ilvl wrists from the chest in the end of run. Current item can't be traded in case of game mechanics.
    • It's not possible to share loot on off specialization without the same (or higher) ilvl'ed items on this spec. For example, you've joined to Mythic+ Boost with loot trader option (not specific one, just same armor type) and there is another loot trader with similar armor type, but he plays in another spec (so weapons/trinkets he can receive from Mythic+ chest are not suitable for your spec). Trader can set loot on specific specialization (if you will ask our operator in live chat before run has been started), but keep in mind that gear he can receive on this (off, not main) spec might be not available for trade in case of game mechanics. These items can be traded just if player has the same (or higher) ilvl'ed items for this slot on off spec, but we don't guarantee it if you won't specify loot trader(s) for weapons/trinkets.
    • We don't guarantee specific amount of suitable items or items which can be traded from Mythic+ dungeon. If our teammate receives an item that is not available for trade (look 3,5 and 3,6) — your order anyway will be counted as finished. Buying Mythic+ Boost — you purchase dungeon run with our team, not items. However, we will give all the rewards on your specialization which are possible to share to you (look 3,3).
    • If a player from our team gets a mount during (or in the end of) your Mythic+ run — you can buyout it with standard product's price from operator in live chat (if it can be traded).
    • If you have bought a service with “In timer” option and your Mythic+ Boost was finished without timer — your order will be counted as finished, but we will make you refund for current option (timer). The same rule works for “Loot trader” option. If we don't have necessary amount of traders — we can offer you better deal (higher M+ keystone, for example) instead of trader or finish order with lower amount of loot traders+make you refund for missing option(s).
    • If you want us to use your Mythic+ keystone — you need to select “Specific Dungeon” option. It should be the similar or lower level than Mythic+ service you'll select. For example, you have Mythic+17 key, so you need to select M+18.
    • Buying Mythic+ Boost on this site (FatBoss.TV — FatBossTV seller) — you agree with all our terms of service / conditions / rules and accept it.
    • During your order you need to follow tips/advice/commands from our teammates to finish service faster. If you will try (once keystone was inserted) to ruin pulls/kill own character on purpose (or 8+ times)/leave dungeon's zone (or group) 1+ time/bother other group members — we can stop providing of Mythic+ Boost and it will be counted as finished.

    Mythic + Plus Dungeons Refund Policy

    1. Refund is not available for order that have been already finished.
    2. Refund is not available if customer has gone offline/leave dungeon (or group) during run.
    3. Just 30% refund is available if order was booked, but customer can't run it or requires refund. However, order can be rebooked 1 more time.

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