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    Vicious White Warsaber

    «I saw the same look in his eyes when he died. Terenas could hardly believe it. Hahahaha!» — Captain Marwyn, World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth.
    Here you can buy WoW Vicious White Warsaber BFA PvP mount with cheap price in World of Warcraft. Our team will assist you to farm Vicious White Warsaber mount within the shortest period possible in selfplay or piloted mode on US.
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    Buy Vicious White Warsaber Mount US


    Vicious White Warsaber is the PvP mount that is considered to be one of the rarest and most uncommon ones. This mount is available only in limited seasons, so in WoW Battle for Azeroth 4 gamers will need to compete between each other to receive this worthy prize. But what should they do in order to become owners of this mount? The conditions are quite simple: this mount can be received only by the Alliance winners as soon as they get a necessary amount of RBG/3v3/2v2 victories. So, players can choose either farming or buying this boosting from our team. If you are eager to get this boost quickly, you can easily approach us. We'll discuss the details and will help you with the arena fights.

    How to get Vicious White Warsaber?

    • You should participate in factions' confrontations and get yourself a good rank.
    • Receive at least 1400 points of rating.
    • You also need to fill the progress bar. It requires 240+ arena victories in 2v2 format, 80+ arena victories in 3v3 format, and more than 80 wins in BRG having the title of Combatant. You will need 1400+ rating too.
    • It's possible to purchase this service, and get the mount with almost no efforts.

    No doubts that traveling by foot isn't the most pleasant thing. If you want to increase the speed of your character, it makes sense to get yourself a mount, and we can assist you in this issue. Mounts are used not only to speed you up, they also represent the coolness of the player. To get a special mount that will definitely ease your life and enrich the gaming experience, you'll need to meet some of the requirements. Besides the mount itself, you'll also be given azerite which you can use for the heart of Azeroth. We offer this boosting within Europe and the U.S.A. Although these services work in a piloted mode, you may not worry about that. To protect your account a VPN program that has the same country is used. We provide all our customers with some additional info about protecting the account.

    WoW Vicious White Warsaber PvP Mount Carry rewards:

    • A lot of PvP achievements, a Combatant title (that is given for 1400 points).
    • A significant speed increasing.
    • Support and protection within the whole period of the boost.
    • Obtaining an exclusive item — Vicious White Warsaber.
    • Providing a discount on your next orders.

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