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    Vulpera Allied Race Unlock

    «Now I stand, the lion before the lambs... and they do not fear.» — World of Warcraft, Lich King.
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    Vulpera are the wandering and smart race of scavengers who can turn everything they can only find into the things for a living. Such traits of character as good intelligence and ingenuity helped them to stay alive in severe conditions of the dunes. As they wanted to become a part of the Horde, they left the desert and moved for searching adventures. But the tricky serpentine sethrak who try to dominate everyone and use as them in a role of a slave have got a plan against the vulpera as well. The vulpera racials need your help, because if they get rid of the unwanted conquerors, it will be possible for them to join the faction of the Horde in the war. Thus, if your character has 120th level or higher you can easily do it and purchase the Vulpera Allied Race Unlock Boost.

    Vulpera classes:

    • Hunter. From the very childhood they feel the connection with the wild nature which makes some of them leave their homes and join the dangerous wildlife. The ones who can survive in such circumstances turn into hunters. Knowing the environment better than anyone else, they easily move from one place to another staying invisible and hide the traps in the paths for their rivals after Vulpera WoW Allied Race Unlock.
    • Monk. It does not matter what role was chosen for them in a battle, monks would use the power of the hands and feet while the boosting. They will also be dependent on their inner chi that powers their skills and abilities. For instance, Chi Wave and Expel Harm abilities work in two ways at the same time — they damage the enemy and heal the party members.
    • Mage. They destroy the enemies with the use of arcane incantations.
    • Even the fact that mages possess powerful spells does not make them immortal. Usually it's not difficult to damage them as they have light armors, and they can be killed in a close-range attack. So, a good mage knows how to attack the enemies from the distance and stay alive in the battle with warriors.
    • Priest. Using mighty magic that can heal them and their teammates is essential here. Although priests have got powerful spells working from the distance, they still can be killed as they lack physical strength and heavy armors. The players having good experience of playing this class attentively use heal and the cast of the skills in order to keep the party alive.
    • Shaman. As a rule, in the process of battle shamans use various totems on the ground to damage and control enemies. Doing that increases the effect of the totems and at the same time creates difficulties for the foes. In fact, this class can be used both at close and distant ranges, but choosing the appropriate variant should be taken according to the features of the enemies.
    • Rogue. What is special about them is that they can attack quite unexpectedly both from the distance and the close range. If rogues have a long-lasting fight, they usually start with several light attacks and finish the enemy with a mortal one. If you play for this class, you should choose the targets thorough and make sure your combos are not be missed. Also, monitor the process and if necessary just do a fade.
    • Warrior. Using heavy armors helps this class greatly. Due to the equipment they are really strong in melee battles. In order to protect other players warriors use different strategies and a lot of weapons. Those who want to increase the power of the attack should master the rage — the main component that is responsible for the most powerful attacks.
    • Warlock. Similar to mages, this class kills the enemies from a distance. These dark magicians' spells affect the foes quite fast and intensely. During the battle warlocks usually summon pets that defense them while they cast their spells. As they have got light robes, warlocks use minions getting the damage from the enemies first.

    How to get Vulpera Allied Race?

    • You need to get reputation level Exalted with Vuldunai;
    • Get Achievement Secrets in the Sands;
    • You also need to finish these storylines: “The Warguard’s Fate”, “Unlikely Allies”, “A City of Secrets”, “Dangers in the Desert”, “Atul’Aman”, “Storming the Spire” and “The Three Keepers”.
    • In the next update those who have succeeded in things above will have a chance to see a new quest chain. By the help of this the vulpera will be recruited as an Allied race. After completing these quests a player gets the achievement. Thanks to this it'll be possible to create a new vulpera. Those players who desire to open Caravan Hyena mount will need to get this boost.

    Vulpera abilities:

    • Bag of Tricks. Using a trick on a foe to damage it; or on your alliance member if you want to heal him.
    • Rummage Your Bag. It changes the things in your Bag of Tricks.
    • Make Camp. By the help of this your camp location can be set outdoors.
    • Return to Camp. If you use it, you'll transfer to the place of your camp.
    • Nose for Trouble. The first harm you get from the foe will be lower.
    • Fire Resistance. Fire will damage you less.
    • Vulpera Survival Kit. It offers getting additional goods while looting humanoids.

    Vulpera Heritage Armor

    Once you level your vulpera up from 20th to 120th level, you'll be given a set — Heritage Armor. That's a cool one that you can use in the Allied Race.

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